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About us

ePrep, Inc., was founded in 2005 by fellow Princeton University graduates Karl Schellscheidt and Eric Barnes. Since the launch of its first products in 2007, ePrep has been offering online, video-based test-preparation programs to students around the world. To date, ePrep has helped hundreds of thousands of students prepare for the ACT®, PreACT®, SAT®, PSAT®, and other standardized tests.

Early in 2013, ePrep developed CERT, an online assessment product that provides administrators, teachers, parents, and students with the information they need to maximize career and college opportunities for students. In order to accomplish its goal of providing assessment reports that are both incredibly detailed and easy to understand, ePrep sought the guidance of principals and teachers. In the summer of 2013, ePrep released CERT, the College Equipped Readiness Tool.

Here are just a few features that make CERT the only assessment tool of its kind:

CERT allows schools to assess students through either online or offline test administrations. Furthermore:
  • All CERT tests are age-appropriate and aligned with the Career and College Readiness Standards
  • All CERT tests cover the content areas included in the ACT®: English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science
  • All CERT tests match the format (i.e., # of questions, question types, difficulty level, timing, etc.) of the current ACT®, PreACT®, and EXPLORE® tests
CERT provides valuable data to EVERY stakeholder. Students, Teachers, Principals, and Superintendents can, as appropriate, access reports on:
  • Individual and group composite performance
  • Individual and group performance by subject area (English, Mathematics, Reading, or Science)
  • Individual and group performance on three levels of the Career and College Readiness Standards
  • Individual and group performance on subject-specific content that is organized using language that is generally familiar to students and teachers
In addition to its assessment functionality, CERT provides remedial instruction to students through researched-based, instructional video lessons. Lessons can be accessed via:
  • An online Exam Room that provides each student performance feedback and video answer explanations for each and every test question
  • An online Study Hall that recommends subject-matter and strategy video lessons based on each individual student's performance

CERT is quickly gaining traction as a unique and comprehensive college readiness program that is currently being used by over 80,000 students in ten states and continues to expand each year.